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CNC Gearbox V2 (8mm) – QSC

CNC gearbox V2 designed for airsoft replicas AR15 (M4), M16 and other ones with V2 gearbox. This gearbox is manufactured from one solid block of aircr...
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Epes AEG Piston Head (POM)

Made of high-quality polyoxymethylene POM-CTeflon coating to reduce friction and increase movementBall-bearing so that the spring can rotate freely an...
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Gate 2E1 NOVA Trigger V2 M4

An adjustable speed trigger designed especially for pros using TITAN V2 for the greatest accuracy and overcoming limits. Enjoy simple and precise hair...
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Gate Quantum Triggers

Ultra-high resolution – even 60 trigger sensitivities for the 1st mm (0.04 in) of movementEven 470 possible sensitivity levels for whole movementDesig...
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Guarder AEG Springs

SP85Uneven pitch AEG tuning.Both ends of the springs are polished.Compatible with AEG Facilities, except PSG-1.Installation of the spring and the powe...
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Jefftron Wire Holder

These holders make installation of Leviathan-V2 devices easier.They hold wiring in their place in the gearbox during assembly.2 pcs holders are enough...
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LCT M190 Main Spring

The main spring designed for power tune up of electric replicas (AEG) and has got uneven coils that significantly extends the lifespan of the assembly...
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Nuprol 18:1 Gear Set

Upgraded Gears for V2 & V3 Gearboxes.18:1 High SPEED Gears Suitable for Spring M90 - M150Essential in Optimizing Performance of your AEG
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Nuprol AEG Springs

Main spring for normal AEG type rifles. M100-M150*Actual power will vary from gun to gun and the above fps should be used as a guide.
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