Age Of Sigmar Models

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Beasts of Chaos - Chaos Spawn

Chaos Spawn are hideous victims of their own ambition, their wracked minds and distorted bodies unable to withstand the gifts – or curses – of the Dar...
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Gloomspite Gitz - Squig Herd

Squigs! Little more than mouths with legs and a terrible attitude, these vicious creatures are feared across the Mortal Realms for their rapacious app...
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Gloomspite Gitz - Stabbas

Moonclan Stabbas form ragged ranks that advance upon the foe with gongs clanging and banners waving. Eyes bulging with the madness of the Gloomspite, ...
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Nighthaunt - Spirit Hosts

Choking the air above the Nighthaunt host are the most numerous of its warriors - the Spirit Hosts. These are the souls of the damned, stripped of bod...
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Orruk Warclans - Orruk Brutes

Lumbering, heavy-set creatures with furrowed brows and heavy armour, orruk Brutes are unconcerned with the complex things in life. Their minds are fil...
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Ossiarch Bonereapers - Mortek Guard

The Mortek Guard are soul-constructs created to dominate the battlefield. Armed with life-draining nadirite weapons and shaped from impenetrable osseo...