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HPA 7.4v 1000Mah Lipo Stick

HPA 7.4v 1000MaH Lipo Stick available in Mini-Tamiya connectors. We have created the best Lipo batteries available in the airsoft industry. The combin...
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Oper8 11.1v 900Mah Lipo

Dimensions: 19*20*95mmConnector: Deans / TamiyaLiPo Battery Charging Tips:Always use a charger made to charge LiPo packsDouble check that the settings...
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Oper8 7.4v 1300Mah Mini

These small, square LiPos are the perfect size and shape for small Peq-15 battery boxes and the Ares Amoeba ‘AM’ range. They are a step up from the 85...
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