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Acetech AC5000 Chronograph

AC5000 is an airsoft chronograph with high quality and accuracyUser-friendly interface with 128*64 LCD.Support Micro-USB(5V/0.5A) power input(nobatter...
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Clear Speed Loader

BB Speed loader is a must have item for any advanced player. It allows for easy and fast load of any kind Mid / Low / Real-cap magazine during a skirm...
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EG018 - Blue

Fuse Delay: Approx. 2 secondsEffect: High Output Blue Smoke – Single VentEffect Duration: Approximately 90 Seconds**Effect Colour: Blue SmokeIgnition ...
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EG018 - Green

Fuse Delay: Approx 2 secondsEffect: High Output Green Smoke – Single VentEffect Duration: Approximately 100 Seconds**Effect Colour: Green SmokeIgnitio...
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EG67 Frag Grenade

Designed to the same size specification as an M67, our frag grenade replicates the current issue American frontline version as closely as possible. Wi...
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FMA PEQ 15 LA-5 Battery Case

The FMA PEQ-15 Battery Box has enough room to fit an 11.1v PEQ sized battery, easily concealing it. Disclaimer: Please note this is a toy replica and ...
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Friction Smoke Grenade

Our Friction Smoke Grenade has a simple snap off cap which exposes the fuse that you strike to ignite just like a match! Super easy and very cost effe...
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