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    The CTM AAP-01 7075 Alu ADVANCED Superlight Bolt is a highly lightened hi-tech version of the original plastic bolt. This ADVANCED (or Mk2) version is 5g lighter than the original CTM superlight bolt and as such, increases the rate of fire even more and slightly reduces the recoil due to the lower mass. If you're not sure how that works, throw a tennis ball in the air and let it bounce off your head. Now do it with a brick. Did you feel the higher recoil with the brick? :p It's a joke of course, please don't do this....

    Basically, CTM skeletonised the body of the bolt. In other words, they removed as much of the material as possible, without compromising the strength of the bolt structure. This has been achieved by designing the 'truss' system into the cutaways that can be seen on real world structures such as bridges, etc. Essentially, you will be installing a miniature Forth Rail Bridge into you AAP to 'kill' people with :)

    The bolt also has an integrated fire selector lever which is very easy to use with a quick flip of the finger, even gloved. Part No.74 fire selector plate is included in the package - normally £12.95 separately - as you will destroy the original alloy Action Army part in no time with the insane rate of fire. The CTM Advanced Superlight Bolt will deliver approximately 45 to 50 rounds PER SECOND. So expect your BB's to disappear a bit more quickly...

    For best performance, these should be used with the CTM upgraded springs of which only the main recoil spring is included. The Superlight Cocking Handle in some of the images is for example purposes and is available as an optional accessory.

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