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Code CM045A-G1
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  • Description

    The ever reliable and world renowned AKS-74U was built by the Soviet Union in 1969, to modernise the classic AK-47, resulting in a lightweight, more cost effective assault ride. The AKS-74U variant was designed for tank and helicopter shooting and used in various special forces groups such as Spetsnaz.

    Starting from the front we can see the classic AKSU "trumpet" gas booster/ muzzle brake, constructed from tough alloy and attached to the barrel with an authentic 24mm CW Russian thread, allowing you to attach a Russian style suppressor such as a PBS-1 or PBS-4 or a thread adaptor to use a 14mm CCW thread if you want a tracer or alternative flash hider. 

    The upper and lower handguard are made from real wood for a fantastic realistic look and feel to really get you in the AK mindset. The metal receiver features authentic Russian fire select markings and a hinged top cover which can be opened via the button at the top rear of the receiver, alleviating the struggle of putting an AK top cover back on after installing your battery. The adjustable HOP unit can be found behind the mock bolt carrier and it is adjusted via a slider mechanism. On the right side of the receiver, you will note the AK style fire selector, which unconventionally goes from safe at the top, with the middle position being full auto and the bottom position being semi auto. People say this is due to the Russians preferring their conscript soldiers to use full auto but this is in fact false, it was done because the semi-auto function is much easier to find, especially with thick gloves on, with Russian doctrine instructing that semi-auto was to be the primary firing mode for the AK. 

    Behind the lower receiver we can see the stock folding mechanism, which requires the push of a button to release and locks onto the right side of the receiver securely when folded. The folding stock locks in place meaning you do not have to worry about it getting in the way during intense combat or restricting your movement in tight CQB areas.  The pistol grip features comfortable texturing to enable to the shooter to maintain a good grip on the rifle. 

    Super easy and quick to use, the mag release is ambidextrous, activated either from the right or left side using the thumb, for instantaneous reloads.

    This is the perfect weapon for fans of the AK platform looking for an accurate and reliable replica, that both looks, feels and perfect fantastically, for use in either field combat or CQB skirmishes thanks to the folding stock, giving this classic a compact form factor.


    • Solid alloy construction
    • Wood foregrip
    • AK style sight mount
    • Folding skeleton stock
    • Imitation Bakelite grip
    • Integrated iron sight
    • Hinged upper cover
    • Front sling loop
    • Fused
    • 14mm counter clockwise thread (CCW)

    Package Includes:

    • Cyma - AKS-74U CM.045A Redwood Grip
    • Magazine
    • User manual
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