Cyma CM.122 P226 AEP

Cyma CM.122 P226 AEP

Whilst AEPs may be lower on power than your standard Airsoft gun, they are incredibly useful on the British Skirmish field due to our terrible weather and long winters. As this replica is powered by a battery, there are no cooldown effects to deal with; meaning you can happily burn through an entire mag without fear that your pistol could gas out at any second. The Airsoft pistol itself is a replica of a Sig Sauer design, and is slightly larger than real life to accommodate for the electric internals.

Included in the box is a battery, charger, cleaning rod and magazine, which is everything you need to start using this replica on the Skirmish field. Simply remove the slide and install the battery underneath the barrel assembly to get started. It will fire both semi and full automatic, and accepts both standard and extended AEP magazines, which means that you won't need new mags should you already own a CYMA AEP.

This is the perfect purchase for anyone looking for a reliable backup that they can draw from a holster and be 100% assured that it is going to clear the entire magazine without a hiccup.


  • Electric powered
  • Non-blowback
  • No cooldown effects
  • Shoots both Semi & Full Automatic
  • 20mm pistol rail
  • Standard AEP magazines
  • Alloy slide
  • Tough Polymer frame
  • Trigger lock safety
  • Battery included
  • Charger included
  • Speedloader included
  • Stippled pistol grip
  • Perfect Winter sidearm

Package Includes:

  • CM.122 P226 AEP
  • 7.2v 500mAh NiMH Battery
  • EU Pin Charger
  • Speedloader
  • Unjamming Rod
  • Manual

Special Instructions:

To remove the Slide from the Pistol to install the battery the following method must be used to avoid damage to the pistol;

1. When looking at the pistol sat on its side with the barrel pointing to the left, there are 3 levers, the rear lever closest to the hammer pulls down, if you do not pull this slide down, you will break the two weakest points at the very rear of the pistol, that are to the left and right of the hammer.

2. The slide must be moved forward approx. 5mm

3. Only once the slide has been moved forward should the slide then be gently lifted up and off the lower frame.

4. To refit the slide please follow the above in reverse.

*Please note if you feel any resistance when lifting the slide off the pistol then STOP and ensure the slide has been moved forward, as failure to do this will result in breakage of the tabs that hold the slide securely in place.

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