Gas & CO2

Nuprol 1.0 Gas

After a considerable long time in the making and many requests by our customers, Specifically designed for Pistols with plastics slides or anyone who ...
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Nuprol 2.0 Mini Green Gas

Nuprol 2.0 is the Ultimate Green Gas and has been the best selling green gas in Europe for years, now available in a smaller can! Perfect for taking o...
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Nuprol 3.0 Red Gas

Nuprol 3.0 is a power up gas designed for harder recoil and better shot consistency.Compared to most gases on the market, you can expect to see more c...
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Nuprol 4.0 Black Gas

NUPROL 4.0 Ultimate Power Gas is a Ultra high performance gas for rifles and IPSC, designed to operate at lower temperatures (between 3c - 20c) allowi...
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Smart Gas™ - 1000ml

Smart Gas™ is a product made from highest quality ingredients, designed for gas-powered airsoft guns. It is the result of close cooperation of the tru...
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