Monk ESG For Storm Regulator

Monk ESG For Storm Regulator

The Monk ESG GEN.2 aims to bring the best from previous grips and improve on it with a fresh, sleek design from the biggest names in Europe. Monk has improved on its previous design with this reinforced version!

Straight from Belgium, developed by the minds behind SpeedQB Europe, S2N, Speed taq, and Monk Customs, the ESG is an ergonomic durable Nylon grip that houses your regulator, FCU, and LIPO battery.

It's lightweight, manoeuvrable, strong, and all you need to destroy the speed field in style.

Find an installation video here.


  • Monk Customs ESG GEN.2 grip
  • 0º straight grip design for optimal ergonomics to reduce wrist strain
  • More room to facilitate a bigger battery
  • One screw latch design
  • Regulator tournament lock with seal or zip tie
  • All Installation parts and tools
  • Luxury Packaging and the Monk name



  • Polarstar Micro Reg™ Gen 2
  • Wolverine Storm OnTank regulator


  • Polarstar F2, F1, Jack, Fusion Engine and Kythera
  • Redline N7, Valken V12
  • Wolverine Inferno, SMP and Reaper


  • Fits all M4, G&G 556 & Arp 9 V2 gearbox bodies
  • Batteries with dimensions L 1.6'' | W 0.8''| H 0.5'' or smaller

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