Oper8 Twin Strap Slimline Mesh Mask

Oper8 Twin Strap Slimline Mesh Mask

The twin strap slimline mesh mask is a must-have piece of gear for airsoft. It has comfortable padded sides and a steel mesh centrepiece to protect your mouth 
This is a lower face mesh mask by Oper8 Tactical has a centre mesh steel piece and padded sides to protect your face and keep it comfortable throughout the day.
The padded pieces stop rubbing from sweat and make it easier to effectively aim down the sights. It has four adjustable straps on the harness to adjust it to the size of your head.
The standard size masks are made for the average player. The slimline facemasks are ideal for standard sized goggles or glasses and prevent them from conflicting with one another. If you’re a bit younger or have a smaller head, take a look at the Oper8 small slimline mesh masks


  • Four adjustable straps
  • Fits comfortably on the head
  • Steel mesh face protector
  • Soft padded sides

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