Code ZEN-P2SS-B2
Code ZEN-P2SS-B2
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    «Perst-2» combined device (hereinafter – «Perst-2» CD) is designed to detect, illuminate and indicate the target (object) when observing, inspecting and firing from small arms with «Perst-2» СD installed at night and / or with a night vision device

    The device is a small-sized optomechanical device that generates a luminous flux of laser radiation in the IR range (infrared illuminator), a luminous flux of white light (white lantern) and has two laser designators in the visible and IR ranges. 

     The device can be installed on various weapon types with Picatinny rail. The kit includes additional QD mount. 

     Battery of «Perst-2» СD is lithium-ion battery 18650. 

    Lasers light source: combined module of green semiconductor lasers (wavelength - 520 nm) and IR (wavelength - 850 nm) glow.

    IR illuminator light source: laser diode (wavelength - 850 nm).

    White light source: white LED.

    Effective range in the dark:

    • green laser: 900 ± 100 m.;
    •  IR laser: 900 ± 100 m.

    Time of continuous operation with a stable luminous flux (constant on maximum brightness of the illuminator): at least 1 hour.

    The time of continuous operation of the laser in the maximum brightness mode: at least 10 hours.

    Overall dimensions: (131х84х41) ± 5 mm.

    Product weight with battery without remote button: 349 ± 10 g.

    Ambient temperature during operation: from -20 ° С to + 40 ° С.

    Warranty period of storage and operation: 12 months.

    Operational Benefits :

    • Switching on / off is performed both from buttons located on the case, and using remote tactical buttons.
    •  A wide range of brightness controls for the Laser and flashlight.
    • Transport mode (product blocking mode).
    • The operation indicator of the device is located on the back side (back cover) of the product body, the indicator informs the owner about the operation of the device and the selected mode.
    • The colour of the indicator is dull blue / red, it is selected in a special way, it does not distract the arrow and does not give light when using the night vision device, and there is also the possibility of adjusting the brightness.
    • A pulsating mode with a frequency of 2 Hz increases the already wide scope.

    Independent adjustment of the illuminator allows you to customize it to the needs of a particular shooter (distance of application, place of application, etc.).

    The 7-position mode selection switch located on the upper platform of the device helps to quickly select the operating mode, tactile (when working with gloves, nothing prevents), as it has a fairly clear click.

    In the kit :

    • "Perst-2" combined device gen.2.01 pc.  KV-D1P tactical switch
    • 1 pc.KV-D2P tactical switch
    • 1 pc.UZU-1 charging device
    • 1 pc. Rechargeable battery type 18650
    • 2 pcs. Charger cord 12-24V into cigarette lighter
    • 1 pc. Power supply unit1 pc.IR illuminator alignment screwdriver
    • 1 pc. Mounting platforms (regular and QD)
    • 2 pcs. Chest for Perst1 pc.Manual1 pc.
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