DMR's and Snipers

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A&K M1 Garand

Length: 1115mmWeight: 3550gBarrel Length: 590mmBarrel Bore: 6.03mmRails: N/AApprox. FPS: 320 (+/- 10)Main Materials: Metal / WoodCompatible Magazines:...
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Action Army AAC T10

The Action Army AAC T10 airsoft sniper rifle is a VSR clone from Action Army parts and then dropped into a svelt custom-made body.Action Army have lon...
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Ares Amoeba Striker S2

Package Includes:Amoeba AS-02 'STRIKER' Bolt Action Scouting Sniper RifleMagazineBasic Speed LoaderAvailable in 3 colours:BlackTanGrey
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Ares x Amoeba AR308M AEG

Weapon Powered By: ElectricWeapon FPS: 301 - 350Construction Materials: Metal/PolymerWeapon Hop Up: AdjustableWeapon Variant/Platform: M4Weapon Fire M...
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B&T Air SPR300 Pro

Designed for discrete carry, rapid deployment and maximum accuracy, the SPR 300 PRO is the ideal tool for specialized sniping missions.  Equipped with...
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Cyma CM.032G - Black

The CM.032G is a replica of the modernized M14 sniper rifle used by Navy SEALs, Delta Force and Green Berets. Receivers, rail mounts, barrel, sights, ...
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Double Bell Metal VSR-10

The Double Bell VSR-10 is a spring bolt action rifle with a VSR-10 appearance.The handguard and trigger cover are made from polymer. The barrel and re...
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Double Bell MK12 MOD0 SPR

A reproduction crafted by Double Bell exhibiting commendable performance and incorporation of high-grade materials. The magazine, flash suppressor, ma...
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E&C M110A1 AEG - Tan

The M110A1 is a top-tier marksman rifle in service with the US Army and Marines Corps. As the replacement for the SR-25-derived M110, this current pla...
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SOCOM Version11.1v LiPo ReadyAmazing Build QualityThe G&G Armament SOC16 ETU is a replica of the M14 SOCOM, made to a tough standard using High De...
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J.G. Works JG1401 - Black

A replica of the American battle rifle created in the 1960s but still used by the American armed forces. The receiver with bolt, charging handle, trig...
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LCT VSS Vintorez AEG

Brand: LCTLength: 900mmWeight: 3430gFire Modes: Safe / Semi / Full-AutoBarrel Length: 425mmBarrel Bore: 6.05mmApprox. FPS: 311-344Main Materials: Stee...
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Tokyo Marui VSR-One - Black

A series of bolt-action air rifles in which the bolt is pulled out by hand one shot at a time and then returned again to prepare for firing the next b...
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Umarex (WE) H&K G3A3 GBBR

The origin of this rifle can be traced back to the final years of World War II when Mauser engineers at the Light Weapon Development Group (Abteilung ...
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VFC MK20 SSR GBB Rifle - Tan

The VFC MK20 is a highly sought after GBBR that many users and collectors have been anticipating for!  The MK20 is a semi-auto variant of the SCAR pla...
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Well MB03 - Black

MB03 is a replica referring in its construction to replicas of TM and HFC companies called VSR.This carabiner draws a lot from the Remington 700 desig...
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