Tag Innovation Ta-19Y ‘No-Shrapnel’ Airsoft Grenade - Pack of 6

Tag Innovation Ta-19Y ‘No-Shrapnel’ Airsoft Grenade - Pack of 6

For those who want to play a higher skill level of game and make their gaming/training much more realistic.

This pack contains 6 of the TAG-19Y (RDG5 replica) airsoft hand grenades.

The TAG-19Y is a safe re-enactment grenade which fragments on detonation, releasing a bright flash, loud report and no shrapnel other than the disintegrated polyurethane foam casing.

The projectile is made from trauma-safe, lightweight polyurethane foam and polyurethane lever which contains a flash-bang charge similar to a Mk7. TAG Innovation products are commercially manufactured devices that are made in the Russian Kalashnikov factory.

The TAG hand grenades have a 2-stage safety/ignition system exactly the same as a real hand grenade. You pull the ring to remove the cotter-pin and hold the grenade 'spoon-lever' until ready to throw. The 3.5 second delay fuse ignites as soon as the spoon-lever is released when thrown.

The flash burns so fast that the grenade should not ignite dried grass or similar flammable surrounding it may land upon.

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