Code TAG-ML36S-G1
Code TAG-ML36S-G1
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    Now HPA Ready! 

    The Holy Grail of replica lanchers is here! There is NOTHING that comes close to the build quality, ingenious design and rock solid realsim found with the all new TAG-ML36™ Shell-less Grenade Launcher. Years of R&D have gone into this, originally at the request of a special armed forces regiment for thier super realistic training requirements and now offered direct to the airsoft people from TAG Innovation RUSSIA!!!.

    The TAG-ML36 launcher enables you to shoot without the need (and expense) of any preloaded cartridges like TAG “Shells” or “BB Showers”, but by directly inserting a 40mm TAG projectile inside the TAG-15” reverse-rifled barrel. Please watch the videos below for a better understanding of how it works and it's awesome capabilities.

    The new custom hard-cased ML-36 comes complete with a 13cl compressed air tank with 950PSI regulator, air supply adapter with on/off and degassing function to release the pressure for uncoupling, nozzle plate, a true 'real-steel' adjustable aiming device with folding leaf calibrated exactly for HPA ballistics, and specially designed CNC made butt-stock.

    The TAG ML-36 launcher equipped with this HPA kit will provide you with excellent accuracy in any weather (not too windy!) and temperature between -20C and +40C with perfect consistency for 40 shots per tank fill. The incredible fire rate, efficiency and accuracy will enable you shoot several pants-filling salvos, right on your target.

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