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  • Description

    The H&K VP9 ( Volkspistole-9) is designed as an economic alternative to H&Ks line of tactical pistols, as a direct competitor to the Glock 17/19. The VP9 is a striker-fired design, similar to the Glock internally, but with some H&K enhancements in both ergonomics and function which mark it out as a member of H&K's impressive product line. This pistol is also known as SFP-9 on the European market, with "SFP" standing for "striker-fired pistol".

    The Umarex VP9 is a gorgeous-looking pistol, featuring full H&K licensed trademarks throughout, with modern, aggressive styling. The outer barrel is made from metal and features attractive mock rifling at the tip for added realism. The barrel is finished in gunmetal, providing variation to the outside of the pistol and keeping it in line with the real pistol from which it borrows its form. The slide and frame feature chamfering at the front, a classic H&K feature to aid in smoothly and swiftly re-holstering the pistol. The front of the metal slide features angled serrations, allowing the VP9 to be "press-checked" and cocked using the front end of the slide, as well as the rear. The serrations all but guarantee that you will be able to get a positive grip on the pistol when cocking it, with no chance of your hand slipping off. The left side of the slide features an H&K logo, "VP9", and "9mmx19" crisply and deeply engraved, keeping this pistol realistic, and faithful to the real firearm. On the right side of the outer barrel, upon the chamber we can see another H&K logo, next to the calibre markings "9mmx19", further adding to the pistol's realism. Next to the chamber we can find the mock extractor, which is a separate part, finished in matt gunmetal with a red marking on the top surface. This shows the level of care and attention to detail paid when designing this pistol, with the red marking being a mock chamber indicator, which, on the real firearm, would protrude when a round is chambered. As we approach the rear of the slide we find more serrations, angled to match those at the front of the pistol, and a pair of H&K's patented "charging supports". These take the form of two extensions to the slide serrations, which protrude slightly from either side of the slide. This makes the VP9 easy to cock with wet hands, with gloves, or for those with less grip strength. At the rear of the slide, we can take note of the small hole in the centre. On the real VP9, this is the firing pin condition indicator and will appear as a red dot when the pistol is cocked, or a black space when the pistol is un-cocked. This feature is also functional on the Umarex VP9 GBB, and can be helpful to avoid double loading the pistol and potentially damaging its nozzle. The gear adjustable HOP unit of the VP9 can be found beneath the outer barrel and is accessible when the slide is removed.

    The frame of the Umarex VP9, like the original firearm, is made from high-density fibre reinforced polymer and feels amazing in the hands. H&K has built on their pedigree of designing some of the most well thought out, ergonomic pistols in the world and surpassed themselves with the VP9. The front of the frame features a 20mm Picatinny rail which is ideally suited to mount tactical flashlights, lasers and compensators. The rail has four slots, granting the user greater flexibility in mounting position than most simple, single-slot pistol rails. The enlarged trigger guard provides plenty of room for those with larger hands or gloves and features a curve at the front for shooting with a "European" grip. The trigger itself is a curved design with a trigger safety built-in, with the central trigger blade locking the trigger unless it is also pressed. This means only an intentional trigger press will fire this pistol, which removes the need for a manual safety, making the VP9 quicker on the draw as you have one less thing to do before engaging. Above the trigger, on the right side of the frame, there is a long, strange looking lever, the function of which is not immediately obvious. This is the ambidextrous slide release and connects to the enlarged release on the left side of the pistol through the frame. This not only makes the pistol more lefty-friendly but allows the right-handed user to release the slide with the trigger finger, which some may find is more comfortable than the traditional method of using ones thumb on the left side slide release. Speaking of which, the slide release on the left side of the pistol is enlarged, to the point that it is massive - there is no chance you will accidentally miss the slide release on the VP9 during a critical, game-winning reload, that's for sure! The magazine release can be found between the pistol grip and magazine catch, and is similar in form to other H&K firearms such as the USP, MK23 and MP7. The magazine release can be used from either side, and is surrounded by a protective cut-out in the trigger guard to prevent the mag release from snagging on gear and accidentally dropping the mag. The pistol grip of the VP9 is one of its nicest features, including well-shaped finger grooves with comfortable but grippy stippling on all surfaces. The VP9 is one of the most comfortable pistols out there, in our opinion, and needs no additions. Not content with this, just like the real H&K VP9,  Umarex has provided 3 backstraps of differing size, and 6 grip panel options in the box, allowing the user to adjust the pistol grip to match their hands.

    If you are looking for a relatively unknown, super-modern H&K pistol with some of the nicest features money can buy, the VP9 will suit you. This pistol is perfect for those wanting something a little different, whilst boasting high performance, H&K markings and superb ergonomics.


    • Ergonomic pistol grip
    • Impressive recoil
    • Excellent handling
    • Gear Adjustable HOP
    • Latest H&K pistol design
    • Licensed H&K trademarks
    • Realistic field stripping
    • Fully Ambidextrous controls
    • Front and rear slide serrations
    • Slide-mounted H&K "Charging supports"
    • Multiple grip panels and backstraps included

    Package Includes:

    • Umarex H&K VP9 GBB Pistol
    • Umarex VP9 Magazine
    • Grip panels and backstraps
    • Owners Manual
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