VSS Vintorez AEG

VSS Vintorez AEG

Brand: LCT
Length(mm): 900
Weight (g): 3430
Fire Modes: Safe / Semi / Full-Auto
Barrel Length (mm): 425
Barrel Bore (mm): 6.05
Approx. FPS: 311-344
Main Materials: Steel/Plastic/Wood
Included: VSS-Vintorez-AEG

50R Magazines

Compatible Magazines: fit AS VAL/ VSS/ SR-3 / SR-3M series magazine
LCT-PK-234 - VSS Vintorez 50rds Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-239 - VSS Vintorez 50rds Dual-Column Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-280 - VSS Vintorez 100rds Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-279 - VSS Vintorez 100rds Magazine (BR)
LCT-PK-238 - VSS Vintorez 250rds Magazize (BK)
LCT-PK-237 - VSS Vintorez 250rds Magazize (BR)
Compatible Batteries / Gas: For all LCT AEG series:
If the FPS is about 362(110m/s) or above, the 11.1V 25C Li-Poly battery will be recommended.
If the FPS is bellow 362(110m/s), the 7.4V 25C Li-Poly battery will be recommended.

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