Wolverine Engines

Here you will find all of the Wolverine engines we currently stock.

Hydra Gen2

ONLY HYBRID open/closed bolt system for offset nozzles,Precision Air Metering.Controls nozzle movement for precise BB placement in hop up,Front Bushin...
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Wolverine BOLT + Cylinder

HPA conversion kit for Bolt Action sniper rifles. Compatible with VSR 10 models and the Echo1 M28. Testing is in process for other sniper models as we...
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Wolverine BOLT M Kits

SIMPLY PERFECT PERFORMANCEBuild on the legacy of the original BOLT system, the BOLT M delivers top-level performance.FULLY MECHANICALThe new fully mec...
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Wolverine Inferno Premium

The GEN 2 Inferno features a revolutionary single solenoid, independent poppet and nozzle design that sets a new standard for a drop in kit. Particula...
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