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Here you will find all of the Wolverine parts we currently stock.

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Gorilla MFCU

The Gorilla MFCU is not a fire control unit as you know it but designed to fit HPA gearboxes and be a triggerboard at the same time. The Gorilla FCU a...
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Wolverine Bluetooth FCU

You now have total control of your gun’s settings at the palm of your hand! Control the Dwell, Rate of Fire, and Burst mode right from your phone! The...
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Wolverine Bolt Tuning Kit

The BOLT High Pressure Kit is designed to increase your air efficiency with the BOLT when running at higher pressure. It is not intended to increase f...
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Wolverine Premium FCU

Intuitive LED menu with tool-less button style programmingPrecisely adjust dwell,  rate of fire and burst mode7 customizable fire statesShort-detectio...
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